SOHU FASHION (Chinese Website)

An article briefly introduces the background and future plan of Casale and Co, which commends Casale and Co as a rising star in the Chinese market.
The fonder, Chandy Casale, already worked with many Chinese clients and dedicated to the Chinese market.

GLINT (French Press)

An interesting editorial has been written on Chandy, presenting her as a pioneer of the luxury industry, a smart business woman.

She has been given the title of “Femme D’Influence’’ (influent woman) as she entered and fascinated the in-
cleaver by being traditional but innovative at the same time.

A visionaire woman, very clever and intuitive, she followed her clients, both international and Parisians, curing every detail of her work and their image.

Her strong point: dedicated and tailored services for each of her clients, adopting high-level strategies.


casale-news LOfficiel

An article about the world of communication and the different tribes that operate in this industry: the ones that are part of a big group and the ones that chose to create their business.

Chandy Casale is part of the second group as she built up her own agency in Paris, taking the challenge and having extraordinary results for her determination and knowledge of luxury.